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Receding gums can be cured: How to fix receding gums? Do gums grow back? How to regrow gum tissue? I will answer all that plus share with you the remedy my mother used in her treatment (no surgery needed) to fight her gum disease and regenerate them.


My mother went one day to her dentist, asking for good oral medical advice diagnosis or treatment. She has hoping to get her gums medically healed to grow back and solve her oral health. The doctor told she suffered from gingivitis (which can lead to the worse stage of periodontal disease).

This advice diagnosis means that her gums were getting smaller and smaller, bleeding easily. Her teeth were going to start to fall one by one the smaller her gum line became.

Her dentist tried certain expensive injections but they did not improve my mother’s condition at all. Her oral health was getting worse and the medical advice seemed to not work.

After that, the first teeth fell and I was very sad of seeing her beautiful smile taken away so I started researching in medical magazines and multiple science articles. I wanted to see if there was any chance for the gum recession to stop, as I found it strange how some dentists may claim gums do not grow but they do recommend expensive receding gums treatments to stop gum recession.

So I gathered online stories of people that tried different remedies to heal gums medically or at home. I read some that stated that it cannot be made to grow back, while others said it can.

One day I stumbled upon a medical research showing the benefits of Hyaluronic acid in the regrowth of tissue, with its anti-inflammatory and healing proprieties.​1​ It made sense as it is a well known beauty ingredient with anti-aging benefits, especially in face creams.

Then I wondered if there was a product that contained it that could be used for fixing this gum disease.

The solution was the gel from, which is usually known for healing babies gums when their tiny teeth come though. On further research, I noticed the brand has versions for babies and for adults! I bought the adult version for my mother and she tried it for a month, following the routine below.

So her dentist was wrong all along about gum recession or she was unwilling to disclose a relatively cheap remedy for gums instead of her expensive gum disease injections just to make more money from her patients! With the remedy I discovered for receding gums, she was able to partially regrow them.

Let me tell you below the simple steps she took to reverse gum recession, and that you can easily follow too.


Can gum recession be fixed? The answer is yes, they can do that. Following my oral hygiene method will highly increase the chances that your gum line will stop getting smaller. It also helps with tooth sensitivity and bleeding. The gum line gets stronger and stronger each day, for a healthier mouth.

How much they can grow and how fast depends on the current state of your gums. In some cases they regrow back totally but in some severe ones they partially regrow. In rare cases, depending on your general health and because of other health problems, the gums might not grow at all.

For the majority, it works and any progress is amazingly beneficial, as it stops this receding gums disease from spreading. It also gets the teeth stronger. I am saying that because the gum supports the teeth partially so any growth of it means more stable teeth.

In the illustration below, I tried to depict how my mother’s teeth and gum tissue were before the treatment (left side). Her gums were red and inflamed, the gum tissue was bleeding easily and was sensitive to touch. Her teeth had plaque and a yellow tone. Because her gum tissue was shrinking, the teeth were less stable. They were prone to tooth loss, exposing more of the tooth roots.

During the routine I described above, I noticed her gum line stopped receding, it got less swollen, less red and her teeth were less yellow, as shown in the middle illustration. She told me that her teeth were feeling stronger and less sensitive. Tooth loss stopped. In the illustration from the right side, after months of treatment, I wanted to replicate how her gums were pink again and her gum tissue was less prone to easily bleeding.


First of all, in your fight to stop your gum receding and prevent gum damage even further, you have to go to the dentist to make sure you do not have any infections and that you are medically able to use the below treatment. This is the first step before starting my method.

I will show you what products my mother used and where to purchase the originals:

Buy this soft toothbrush that will not hurt your gums. I recommend this one as it has one of the softest bristles and will not hurt your gum tissue, improving your oral health.
Buy this natural toothpaste. Do not use other toothpastes, as some can contain harsh chemicals that not only remove bacteria but also cause harm to the mouth, stopping your gums growth. Brush your teeth gently morning and night, daily, creating an oral hygiene routine.
Buy this gel. This is the most important step, as this gel is the one having special ingredients that enabled her tissue to grow back partially and stopped the gums receding further. Gently apply it on your gums after your teeth are brushed.
Buy this teeth floss. Do not purchase other brands and I have not tested those and cannot tell you if they are gentle enough. Floss carefully once two days, very gently.
After using teeth floss, rinse with the anti-bacterial mouthwash. It helps fight bacteria and help heal gums.

While you do this routine, go again to your dentist and ask if it is ok to have your plaque cleaned. If all is ok, proceed to have your plaque buildup removed by your dentist. Deep cleaning will ensure a smooth surface for your new healthy gums to regrow on. Also make sure to treat your cavities too or other mouth problems.

After purchasing all these, you have to follow the treatment above. The more closely you follow it, the quicker you will see results.


It depends on the treatment. If you choose surgery, it can cost you thousands of dollars. But why not try my much less expensive method above first? It involved no surgery and just a few products.

I hope that sharing how my mother regrew her gum tissue will help you on the journey to heal yours too.

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